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My name is Michael Anthony.
Yes, I have two first names (four actually). I am an Art Director & Designer living and working just outside of Philadelphia.

“MEJA” are my initials, so there is really no correct pronunciation. My logo of the red lion holding the patriarchal cross is a combination of crests from my Irish & Slovakian heritage.

During my 3 years of Print experience followed by over 9 years of User Experience Design, I have gone from pure flash-sizzle right-brained design, to user centered left-brained design and currently operate somewhere in the middle.

I have always enjoyed designing because the purpose of design is to solve problems. Design helps people. It communicates a message, gives directions, offers a place to sit down, to live, etc. Whatever the task, design uses form to solve problems. I like to solve problems.

Favorites & Skills

assorted skills

  • • Decent self-taught guitarist
  • • Basic welding abilitites
  • • Accomplished whistler
  • • Fire Devil-Stick juggling
  • • Handy in the yard
  • • Music trivia
  • • Above average at Connect Four

assorted favorites

professional skills

  • • Art direction
  • • Visualization of quantifiable data
  • • User experience design
  • • User interface design
  • • Print design
  • • Information Architecture

professional favorites

  • • Garamond old style figures
  • • Hand painted signs
  • • Futura
  • • the grid
  • • Advertising from the 50s & 60s
  • • Data design
  • Everything is a Remix

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