Stephen Few Dashboard

Designing an educational dashboard for an algebra teacher to monitor the performance of her class and alert her to the students who need additional attention.

In 2012 Stephen Few announced a dashboard design competition to create a dashboard for a hypothetical 10th grade Algebra teacher. A fake data set was given with student records for a single math class as well as additional data.

This was my entry. I placed the high-level summary data at the top as well as interactive options to allow the teacher access to her other classes and see other records. The middle section was a special callout for students requiring special attention in this class. Students who are failing and generally not in good standing are called out as well as if they are students with special needs or students for whom English is a second language. After that I included a data table that allowed the teacher to see the performance, scoring trends, and conduct of every student in the class to be sorted on-the-fly by the column of her choice.