A pigeon eating religious offerings

Three Days in Nepal


I arrived in Nepal after spending the previous week traveling the Golden Triangle of India. Because of this my impressions of Nepal were in comparison to the experience I had just had in India. That said I really liked Nepal. The trip was a fast three days primarily spent in Kathmandu, but I appreciated the more laid-back speed of Nepal.

Walking around Bhaktapur Durbar Square I was struck by the fantastic temple sculptures and the intricately detailed woodwork adorning the surrounding buildings. These were just out on display ... unspoiled, without graffiti. This isn't to say that Nepal isn't without its problems but coming from an area of the Unite States where the local big-box hardware store has to lock up the spray paint behind a cage, it was upliftingly refreshing to see beautiful things being celebrated in public without being damaged.

Landing in Kathmandu
Delivery truck
Bumpy night driving

One of the bumpiest cab rides I've ever been in.

Woman walking past archways
Street vendor
Man standing in archway
Street dog
Boys in a parade
A man waits with his umbrella
Two well cared for puppies
The eyes of Boudhanath stupa


Boudhanath is a massive stupa in Kathmandu. This mound-like structure is a destination for Buddhists (and even more specifically Tibetan Buddhists) to meditate and pray. Sitting atop a massive madala representing the universe, Boudhanath is one of the largest stupas in the world. Depsite it's size it can be hard to see when relatively near it as it is obscured by buildings. Walk a bit further and it just appears.

One of the most noticeable features are the eyes of the Buddha at the base of the tower. The tower which features 13 segments representing the 13 steps to reaching Nirvana. There is also constant movement. From the prayer flags above, to the devotees praying below walking clockwise around the complex, to the turning of prayer wheels, there is constant movement.

Approaching Boudhanath stupa
Boudhanath stupa
Religious work
In prayer
A pigeon
Boudhanath stupa
A monk making in prayer
Mt. Everest

Mt. Everest in the distance.

City temples
A 'holy' man posing for money
Street vendor
Two men in conversation
A man cleaning his teeth in the mirror of his car
People crowded in a window
Man standing in a doorway
Driving up the hillside
Misty hillside