Sunrise at Monument Valley

the American Southwest

Living in the Mid-Atlantic region, I always like visiting the Southwest because it is so different looking. Coming from a fairly green area (in the spring at least) visiting such an alien-like terrain with hues of pink and beige, is fascinating. It's a different way of life in a very different terrain.

I have made multiple trips out to the the Southwest, especially Arizona, and every time I'm interested in finding new things to see as well as revisiting places I've already been. Like how Monet would paint the same scene several times in different conditions I like to revisit places because maybe the light will be different this time, maybe the weather will change how the rocks look, maybe an interesting animal will move through the shot. I'm no Monet, nowhere near it, but his interest in revisiting the same place knowing it won't be the same is an interesting concept. Plus when the food is so good it's always worth traveling to the Southwest.

Sunrise at the Grand Canyon
Antelope Canyon
Horseshoe bend
Towtruck carrying a small UFO
Flowers in Santa Fe
Chili peppers
Man passed out drunk in a ditch
Moon setting in Zion
Small lizard on a rock
Two kids with umbrellas in the sun
UFO 'research center'
RV in the desert

Just an RV in the desert or is someone cooking in the desert?

Sunrise at Monument Valley
Antelope Canyon
Looking up in the tower at the Grand Canyon
Cacti in bloom
Sunrise at Zion
Two Christian brothers at the Grand Canyon
Sunrise at the Grand Canyon
A house in Phoenix
An old car in Phoenix
A snowman at the Grand Canyon
Monument Valley
Two port-o-potties in Monument Valley
Monument Valley through a window frame
A crow in the shade
Frybread stand at 4 Corners
Mesa Verde
A guide in Mesa Verde
Mesa Verde
Feel the Bern sticker