My enjoyment of traveling to new & interesting places is made all the better by taking a camera. Photography is my violon d'Ingres and I always like documenting what I can find.

Jordan photograph collection


Meeting with Syrian refugees & seeing the lost city of Petra.

Alaska photograph collection


A trip to the largest state.

India photograph collection

Six Days in India

A trip around the Golden Triangle of India.

Japan photograph collection

Two Weeks in Japan

Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara, and places inbetween.

Nepal photograph collection

Three Days in Nepal

A crash-course trip through Kathmandu and beyond.

Mummers photograph collection

the Mummers

An on-going series of photos from New Year's day in Philadelphia.

New Zealand photograph collection

New Zealand

Exploring the north half of the north island.

the American Southwest photograph collection

the American Southwest

An on-going series from trips to the American Southwest.